Our approach:
We focus on
inputs, not outputs

Whatever you want to achieve, depends on the actions that precede it. Focusing on outputs restricts individual contribution and limits potential.

Gold icon of a male and female identifying outstanding attributes, personal challenges and opportunities for growth


Identify outstanding attributes, personal challenges and oppotunities for growth.

Gold tactics icon co-creating the plan to maximise strengths, mitigate challenges and provide motivation.


Co-create the plan to maximise strengths, mitigate challenges, and provide motivation.

Goal setting icon aligning people to performance and adjusting to changing demands.


Align people to perform and adjust to changing demands.

When it comes to business performance, everything starts with your people. It’s only when you truly understand the people in your team (and they understand themselves) that we can get the best from them.

Through coaching, conversation and supported by some of the leading psychometric tools, we create a deep understanding of the people in your business as the foundation that drives everything.

The factors that drive and inhibit performance

Understanding your people is a foundational step, but driving performance and really getting the best from them relies on 4 important factors to ensure everyone has the right balance of freedom, responsibility and accountability.

4 bar graph outlining expectation ability autonomy and communication


Over the last 35 years, we’ve developed a unique method that’s been designed to get results by focussing on what matters. The Input Method represents thousands of hours of coaching and performance across hundreds of individuals.

It’s a continual process of understanding, implementing and adjusting that ensures the ongoing success of your people and your business – not just a short term boost.

Graphic outlining the Input Method


In sport there are irreversible consequences and a level of pressure and accountability that demand the best from every player. 

We take this notion of “right first time” and apply it to everything that we do. 

This means the individuals and businesses we are working with not only understand precisely what they are looking to achieve and how to get there as a team, but they pursue it with a constructive sense of urgency that ensures timelines are met or even exceeded.


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