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We focus on inputs,
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Why work with us?

The KPI you are looking to achieve relies on the actions that precede it.

When it comes to performance it’s easy to focus on what you want, the output and this is where many traditional coaches and consultants miss an incredible opportunity.

The fact is, whatever you are looking to achieve in your business will rely upon a committed performance by your people.

That’s why we created The Input Method, a methodology that focuses on the actions that precede the result – not just the result itself.

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“Match Pressure”

In sport there are irreversible consequences and a level of pressure and accountability that demand the best from every player. 

We take this notion of “right first time” and apply it to everything that we do. 

This means the individuals and businesses we are working with not only understand precisely what they are looking to achieve and how to get there as a team, but they pursue it with a constructive sense of urgency that ensures timelines are met or even exceeded.

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Applying sports thinking to business challenges

The world of sport and business have many similarities in terms of teamwork, achievement and performance. Over the past 35 years, we’ve helped 500+ individuals from dozens of organisations to reach their potential, improve their performance and work together as a cohesive team.


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